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"Amity started singing. Their voice was miraculous. A guy called them the next Adele...the comparison didn’t quite nail the sensibility.

They had Judy Garland’s surprise right-hook, how-is-that-possible, fully adult voice coming out of a kid, coupled with the dense, surreal lyricism of Regina Spektor, maybe a trace of Ian Dury wit in there as well."

David Lofts, guitarist with The Orb

"Once in a while someone comes along who makes you rethink what you know & love about music.

Their songs are painfully yet joyfully honest and written with the wisdom & craft of an artist of far greater years, and the vocal delivery is effortless....turning them into something meaningful and somehow uplifting. The most amazing thing is that Amity is just 16 years old."

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Amity’s powerhouse sound and dark, defiant lyricism has seen him perform on bigger and bigger stages at meteoric speed. It’s put him on the rosters of eight of London’s grassroots event promoters and he'll even be playing the Royal Albert Hall this October! Come and watch Amity live and see what all the fuss is about! Amity will be performing live music at these upcoming events:

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Although only on the performance scene for a short period of time, Amity is already picking up accolades and competition wins, from open mic competition wins, to talent competitions and more. Click below to find out more.

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It's not just about competition wins - Amity want's to reach people through his music. Read some of the amazing testimonials that Amity has received to date and see how his music has emotionally engaged with people.

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