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17-year-old award-winning singer songwriter Amity is the Royal Albert Hall’s current Future Maker artist and resident artist at Soho’s Spice of Life. His soulful powerhouse sound and “exceptional songwriting” made him ASBO magazine’s latest one to watch and his “stunning voice” (BBC Radio; Royal Albert Hall) & emotive performances led to The Guardian writing of his “miraculous vocals” with the “dense surreal lyricism of Regina Spektor”.

Amity’s genre-fluid sets are musically textured journeys for his growing audience, moving from poignant piano-led acoustic to full vibrant band with sax, funk guitar, heart squeezing strings & jazz-tipped bass. Though his content can be hard hitting - this outspoken lyricist uses his voice to speak up on mental health, the state of the world, abuse & LGBTQIA+ issues - ASBO magazine wrote of its redemptive quality, brought through in the defiance that simmers & erupts explosively in so many of his songs.

The “uncanny beauty” of his “exceptional songwriting”* also saw the SAYS’ industry panel list him in the UK’s top 30 young songwriters. Awarded Best Singer 23 (RBE Musical Excellence Awards), his “profound, brooding…rebellious” songs (Durham Magazine) have the “heart breaking power of Nina Simone” & “the vulnerability of Joni Mitchell” (ASBO Magazine). This “star in the making” (Lyme Bay Radio) has written with Dee Adam (Kaiser Chiefs) & Andrew Kingslow (John Legend).

Following a run of 50 performances across London last year at venues like Pizza Express Live, O2 Academy2 Islington, and The Camden Club, Amity’s first London solo show at Camden’s Green Note sold out in days and now he’s landed an EP release show in the Royal Albert Hall’s Elgar Room this November and will be performing at The Great Escape and Brighton Pride this summer.

Putting a spotlight on important issues

Amidst all the buzz, with a burgeoning career he never expected to have, Amity maintains a clear focus: he wants his music to bring as much healing to others as it brings himself, so he’s on a mission to speak up, to empower others and replace judgement with empathy. And it seems the world is ready for the dialogue - he has already been interviewed by BBC Radio, Lyme Bay Radio and in specialist podcasts, to talk about the laser focus of his work – to shine a light on issues he believes remain hidden far too often from mental health, bullying and abuse, to kindness, self destruction and transgender issues.

“I want to reach people, to change the world to make it a better, kinder place,” Amity explains, “I’m young, but I’ve known pain – being autistic and trans comes with its own challenges. I feel compelled to use my voice and I want my music to help empower people as it has empowered me.”

“Amity is an amazing role model for all young people but especially for the autistic community, which is why he’s been appointed as Ambassador for Autistic Inclusive Meets.” adds Emma Dalmayne, “His kindness campaigning is inspirational and his phenomenal lyricism and passionate moving performances expose the myth that autistic people can’t express themselves. We want Amity to go all the way and show everyone that the unique autistic way of seeing the world is a gift to be celebrated.”

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